Unstoppable, Unbendable Blades

Because the Dutchman blades are supported and guided using a “Tube within a Tube” design, the blade will always want to follow a straight-line travel path. All the blades are pushed into the ground; the torque is compensated on the tower. Blades, when pushed into the ground want to spread outward if allowed. This is why most spade blades will spread after a while on the bottom. This “Tube within a Tube” design prevents the blades from spreading and keeps the blades overlapping for years. 

Dutchman Tree Spade holding rootball

The Dutchman spade shears virtually every root, every time. Even the toughest locust trees are no match for the Dutchman blades. The Dutchman blades are designed to follow their straight-line travel path every time they are pushed into the ground. Any unforeseen obstacles will be shifted as the blades pass.