Low Maintenance. High-Quality Hinges

All of our spades are straight welded eliminating any moving parts like nuts, bolts, bushings, or pins. All of these unfortunately can wear or break after a short period of time leading to distorted blade configuration or worse; bent blades. We do not put any threaded adjustments as well. These, at best, offer a band-aid fix and will wear back quicker the second time. There is one grease fitting on the gates of the Dutchman spade only.

Gate Hinge

 The gate hinge has been modified over the years to make it durable and wear resistant. It is designed as a “clevis” rather than the old plate-over-a-plate design. The old design was much like the competition that had a plate that folded over another plate. The trouble with this design is that it required constant cleaning to allow the plate to completely close over the other. Otherwise the blades would gap from each other. The old design would also stress the gate pin and it would wear, get lose, or fracture. The new gate design eliminates all of these issues.