We Built It For Ourselves First

As a nursery ourselves, we wanted to produce a spade that had everything. We wanted to be sure that it met everything that others were lacking. Even though some spades were beneficial in some cases, they could be detrimental in others. The goal was to find a design that would give us the best possible production in all cases. The result was the Dutchman Tree Spade.

Dutchmaster Nursery

To be a grower is to understand trees, soils, root structure, packaging and all other small details that make up the eventual sale of a tree. It is our goal to ensure that you get the right type and size of spade to complete your overall goal. Sometimes, that may mean recommending a smaller spade, or a larger spade than initially thought. This may also translate to more information than expected but it is vital in ensuring you receive the spade your really need.

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