Dutchman promise is to provide the very best in Nursery Equipment. Whether it is production digging, large caliper tree transplanting, tying trees, or planting and staking your nursery stock, we know where you are coming from. Our primary goal and focus at Dutchman Industries Inc. has been to listen and understand the individual needs of every consumer. It is not enough these days to manufacture equipment based on calculations and theories. It needs to be proven in real conditions and this is part of the Dutchman promise.

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Tree Spades

Tree Spades

Dutchman offers a variety of angles and styles to suit your digging needs. Whether it is 22-degree open-bottom Truncated, 25-degree Semi-Truncated, or 30 degree closed-bottom Full Cone, all Dutchman spades are built on the same simple principles: durability and simplicity. Dutchman tree spades can be mounted on a variety of machines, from walk-behind mini skid-steers, full-size skid-steers and track loaders, up to large wheel loaders and excavators. Each section will explain the key features and differences that allow you to find the right spade for your unique purpose.

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When you need to move trees, you turn to the pros. When the pros need a Truck Spade, they turn to Dutchman. It’s rugged. It’s compact. It’s powerful. It’s quality that can’t be beat.
The ultimate in labor savings. Dutchman Tyers can eliminate the hassle of hand tying and can tie your trees within seconds. Made in a variety of sizes, click through to see what size Tyer will work for you.
Load and unload your trees easily and effectively with a one man grapple show. Made with paddles that contour to the shape of a root ball, Dutchman’s Tree Rex can load it all.
Mainly designed for smaller, shallow-rooted shrub material. Dutchman Potters can be custom made specific to your plastic pot or wire basket size.
Designed to line your nursery stock quickly and efficiently. Made for category II tractors, the Dutchman planter can be made for both shade trees and seedlings.
When time is limited, Dutchman Industries' Staker can stake thousands of trees a day. Designed with interchangeable pins, the Staker is the answer for quick setting.
The Power Rake is the perfect tool for your skid steer: windrowning, landscaping, soil conditioning and sweeping
Dutchman carries a line of nursery forks designed to make the loading/unloading process easier and more economic. Built with simplicity and longevity in mind, they are primarily used for moving trees, however, other items can be moved with this attachment. They work great for moving rocks, pallets and boxes.
The Pot Clamp is the new, customizable container handling solution for pots 15 to 45 gallons and more. The Pot Clamp reaches around the pot, cradling them to distribute pressure and prevent damage. With a quick-tach bracket, the Pot Clamp is ready for use on most skid steer loaders.
Low-profile and compact, Dutchman carries stabilizers for all makes and models of skid steers. Easy mounting and durable, Dutchman has the stabilizers for your skid steer or walk-behind.
Dutchman offers a number of other products for a variety of applications.
Don't see the implement you need listed on this site? Have a unique problem or challenge that demands a unique solution? Dutchman can develop a customized machine that is a perfect fit for your operation.