Dutchman offers a variety of angle styles to suit your digging needs. Whether it is 22-degree Truncated, 25-degree Semi-Truncated, 30 degree Full Cone, or 3-point hitch, all Dutchman spades are built on the same simple principle that lasts. Each section will explain the key features and differences that allow you to match the right spade for your unique purpose.

Truncated Tree Spade
   - 22-degree available in sizes 24", 28", & 33" only.

  - Creates a wider bottom root ball shape.

  - Creates a heavier root ball but creates better stability.

  - Good for shallow rooted trees.

Semi-Truncated Tree Spade
  - 25 degree available in all sizes.

  - Narrower bottom but still allows tree to stand well.

  - Can dig more variety of root ball sizes.

  - Can dig both shallow and deep rooted trees well.

Coned Tree Spade
  - 30 degree available in 33", 36", 42", 50", & 54' only.

  - Best for deep, tap-rooted trees or sandy soils.

  - Comes to close at bottom.
  - Difficult to stand tree upright in basket.

3 Point Hitch Tree Spade
  - tractor mount spade only.

  - Available for every degree spade.

  - Size of spade depends on horse power of tractor.

Curved Loader Mount Tree Spade
  - New curved-blade spades for truck or loader mount.

  - Available in 66", 90", & 100".

  - Includes revolutionary shuttle cylinder design.

  - Extremely compact design.

Palm Tree Spade
  - Palm Tree specific tree spade.

  - Can be custom built for any size.

  - Works with a variety of single stem palm trees.