Dutchman Stabilizers
Along the desire to produce a superior tree spade, Dutchman's focus led to the production of a better stabilizer package for the consumer. Dutchman's features a variety stabilizer kits for various skid steer loaders. The slim, compact design makes the Dutchman's stabilizer kit the preferred choice when digging in tight rows.

Dutchman's stabilizer kits allow for easy installation and, for some models, a disconnect system that prevents welding. The counterweight pins are strong enough to load up to 2000lbs. of counterweight without ever having to weld extra brackets.

When John Deere launched there new line of skid steers, Dutchman's was forced to design a revolutionary design to cater toward the machine. The goal again, was to prevent the stabilizer from sitting beyond the rear tires and therefore, prevent possible tree damage while turning in the rows. Dutchman's stabilizer kit is a proven choice with a clean, low-profile design with a bolt on connection.

  • Tube inside a tube assembly allowing for straight torque transfer rather than sideways torque transfer.  This eliminates any potential for cylinder rod warping.

  • Cylinder is neatly housed inside tube preventing dirt and debris from entering.

  • All Dutchman stabilizer kits do not extend beyond the wheel, or track width of the loader.

  • Dutchman stabilizer kits have the ability to hold up to 1800lbs. of counterweight on the rear.

  • Built with quality steel and welds.