Dutchman Industries Inc. is a subsidiary of Dutchmaster Nurseries Inc. Dutchmaster has been in business since the early 1970‘s and has evolved into a 1600+ acre wholesale nursery distribution center, offering a wide variety of deciduous and coniferous plants.

Our company has its origins in early efforts to better automate field operations at the Dutchmaster Nursery. A priority was making equipment that was more reliable and durable than the machines on the market at the time. A new tree spade design was created, one that had virtually no service time and produced a superior root ball. Initially these spades were built for use by Dutchmaster, but soon they attracted the attention of other nurseries. More were made for sale, and the Dutchman Tree Spade was born.

Dutchman Industries now offers a wide range of products beyond just tree spades. We are constantly redesigning and re-engineering our products to ensure they are the best the industry has to offer. Though our product line has grown significantly, we stay true to our humble roots. Our equipment is built to meet the needs of the nursery and landscape industry, because we know the demands and challenges first-hand.

Whether it is a tree spade large or small, or a custom designed piece of equipment, we can provide the perfect solution for your needs. From initial planting, to spading, to loading, Dutchman Industries Inc. will continue to meet your needs with a superior, dependable product.

Dutchmaster Nurseries owns and operates a 1600+ Acre Tree Farm Trucks arrive and depart daily with new shipments of trees! Flowers at Dutchmaster Nurseries. Trees being loaded for delivery to customers. Dutchmaster Nursery Office Dutchman Industries Office